The Upheaval Dialogues: The Impetus

Yazidi men being trained to resist ISIS goons

When I wrote the previous piece on the possibility of a coming upheaval, I was processing a lot of information. In many ways the crisis that religious minorities in Syria and Iraq are facing was a major influence on the piece. There are communities that have lived in the Levant and Mesopotamia since before the time of Christ and now face ethnic cleansing and genocide. It seemed to be a bellwether of a major change in the world, a canary in the coalmine.

In America we're fed a media narrative that by and large shuts out the rest of the world, barring some major atrocity or more often, some ridiculous novelty. Even Americans who think of themselves as informed are often simply reacting to the simulacrum of news that the mass media bombards us with, usually a heavy diet of social issues (economic issues-- especially as they concern working Americans-- seem to have been banished almost entirely from the news).

But there is another world out there and it's a world that doesn't much care how the editors and producers of American media think about it should behave. In fact, most of the world greatly resents American presumption, hates the all-pervasive American media like poison (hence the rise of targeting of reporters in conflict zones), and is actively working to reverse American influence in their own countries.

It's what's happening in this world that got me thinking again about a coming Great Upheaval, a kind of oblique fulfillment of 2012 prophesying. It's the war in Ukraine, and the contagion that may well spill over in other parts of northeastern Europe- for example, the Sino-Russian alliance may well discover a pretext to occupy one or more Scandinavian or Baltic states to curb NATO's endless expansion. It's being discussed quite openly in fact.

It's the crisis in Greece, that could also spread to other European states. Spain- with a quarter of its citizenry unemployed- is already looking closely at the Greek example and looking to release itself from German control. More importantly it creates uncertainty- the great bugaboo of financial markets.

And here too we see the potential for geopolitical conflict- what if Greece rents out its islands as ports for Mediterranean bases for Russian or Chinese battleships? On what basis would NATO be able to stop them?

The situation in Syria and Iraq does slip into American unconsciousness now and again, but just how dangerous it is- and just how complicit America and its allies are in the carnage- usually does not.  

And now China- the engine room of the global economy for most of this young century- is reeling under a number of growing economic crises, most recently a stock market crash many are comparing to the Black Friday crash of 1987. China is also looking to automate its factories, which calls into question its plans to morph its economy into a consumer rather than a producer economy. But more ominously, it certainly frees up a lot of labor to be militarized...

A lot of people are conditioned to automatically say "Oh, c'est la vie, it's the way the world goes. We've been here before." And they're right. We have been here before.

Specifically in the early 1910s and again in the 1930s. And how did that work out again? 

There is so much more,  such as the alarming signals that something is not right in the Biosphere. I don't want to come off as a doomsayer, since I'm not prophesying doom. I am seeing signs of an upheaval, one that I hope we will be able to avert. And it all seemed to start- or accelerate- in 2012.  

I'm not going to dwell on all of this- I wanted to put it out there on the table and let it be entered into the record. I know how helpless all of this can make you feel. But at the same time it's important to be aware of what is going on in the world. Many Americans- particularly young Americans- are living in a dreamworld, one they're about to be awoken from with the ice water splash of reality.

POSTSCRIPT: I think it's important to clarify the purpose of these posts. It's way beyond the mandate- or even the capability- of this little blog to do anything but raise awareness in its readership. And the purpose here is to draw attention to an esoteric topic and the apparent- though by no means direct- fulfillment of some of the predictions made about 2012. Something did seem to change- something profound- I thought it was at least worth pointing out the connection. How this is all going to play out is  going to be a lot bigger and more profound than a little Blogspot post.

The Upheaval Dialogues: 2012 Reconsidered

Before my trip to New Hampshire I was working on a post arguing that the 2012 prophecies were not incorrect but simply premature. That 2012 seemed to mark a turning point of a sort, a distinct change in the worldwide weather, if you will. You can point to to 2012 and see a number of trends that have metastasized since then, in the geopolitical situation, but also in our politics, in the economy, in social relations. 

A lot of this is cynical manipulation, a reaction to the legitimate threat once posed by the Occupy movement. We're seeing a lot of gamesmanship at work, a lot of people being given the rope with which to hang themselves. That will become more apparent by this time next year. Politics at every level is all smoke and mirrors today- believe nothing you see.

But there's something much deeper at work. We're seeing mass die-offs of wildlife, particularly that of sealife, all over the world. Most troubling are the mass die-offs of bees, animals that our food supply is so dependent on. Whether through carbon emissions or through geoengineering, we're also seeing dangerous levels of pollen on the increase and the attendant increase in respiratory illness.

And there have been attendant signs in the sky- the Sun seems to have gone quiet, perhaps presaging a long and difficult period of solar inactivity, one that could presage a mini-ice age. After years of mocking "believers," scientists are once again recognizing that there are two giants beyond Pluto (one may be a brown dwarf)*. 

What effect they might have on our planet is debatable (some claim they are the source of all the invaders we've come to worry so much about; asteroids, meteors, etc), there's no shortage of "Nibiru" scare mongers on the Internet preaching apocalypse one minute, then selling "survival" trinkets and gimcracks in order to stave off your doom the next.

We've also seen strange signs on the earth- a rise in earthquake and volcanic activity (a major volcano could block out the Sun for many parts of the world, causing famine), an increase in gigantic sinkholes (massive hollowing out of the surface layer of the earth) and in the Pacific, violent typhoons. Hurricane season in the Atlantic has been relatively quiet since 2012's Superstorm, but that might be the literal calm before the storm.

And of course, there is the endless drumbeat of war. There is the endless slaughter and massive displacement in the Middle East (with ancient Gnostic sects such as the Druze, Yazidi and Alawites targeted for genocide by Jihadists) and the growing tension in Eastern Europe. There's also the uptick in terrorism in Europe (Charlie Hebdo, the attack in France today), although intolerable is not even a speck of the carnage people elsewhere in the world suffer on a daily basis, especially as struggles between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims escalate to global proportions. Syria, Yemen, Pakistan...the list of sectarian carnage is mind-numbing.

Toothless NATO protectorates like Sweden are easy targets for the Sino-Russian ascendancy, which is why the US is moving heavy artillery in the area. But the state of constant war is such that drone pilots are reporting record levels of stress and burn-out

Poltical and social tensions have increased in this country, though in comparison to what's going on in the rest of the world it seems like a footnote (certainly the endless political bickering on the 'Net does). On a personal level, I'm seeing so many people I care about under serious stress. It's as if the entire solar system is in convulsions, from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

As many of us warned about, the corporate Christianity of the 80s and 90s has sparked an enormous backlash, with many young people walking away from religion (and pretty much everything else) entirely. Church leaders are now realizing the error of their shotgun wedding to partisan politics, even as Christianity rises in ways once unimagined in Africa, Russia and China. 

But the collapse of religious faith especially among vulnerable working class populations has left a huge void, one which pandemic drug abuse is filling. 

A deep and abiding nihilism has gripped the entire world-- not just the West-- and all of the chaos and upheaval we are seeing now is a symptom of that. 

What is going to heal that?

Science is increasingly proving itself to be corrupt and compromised. Transhumanism (now just a fading dream, despite some of the hysteria you still see) won't fill the void, virtual reality (which never has and probably never will live up to its hype) won't fill the void, forcing the world in a Borghive will just make magnify the problem, just as the Internet can turn a quiet, Type B "nice guy" or "nice girl" into a raging, misanthropic troll.

So was 2012 the turning point? The beginning of a period of upheaval? Hollywood sells us the myth of overnight apocalypse ("The Day After Tomorrow") but history teaches us that periods of upheaval are slow in getting started, so much so that they are hardly recognized as such until it's too late.

History also teaches us that chaos has its own genius and often turns on the men who seek to unleash it for their own benefit. We're not seeing true chaos on a worldwide scale yet, but the beast is straining at its leash, that's for certain.

And you can also bet the farm that we'll see what Jacques Vallee calls the "Control System" awake from its slumber. It already has, though that too has largely gone unnoticed. But not for much longer.

You will live in interesting times...

UPDATE: Speaking of which, are you watching what's going on in the Chinese Stock Market?

UPDATE: The weaponization of space is proceeding apace, ostensibly to counter threats from China and Russia. There are strange linguistic undertones in the press release, however....

*The reason I don't pay any attention to astronomers' bold claims of distant solar systems is that they have no friggin' idea what's floating around in ours. Or they do and are lying about it. Either way.

Interlude: 'Tis a Magic Place

Well, of course it all began with a UFO sighting. 

There was an old saying, "When your neighbor loses his job, it's a recession. When you lose your job, it's a depression." So when your son has a high-quality UFO sighting, it's a 'flap', then when you and other family members have one a couple weeks later, I guess it's a 'wave'. 

The funny thing is that events conspired for us to be in that exact place at exactly that time. We were headed up to New England but ran into a wall of traffic- I mean a bloody parking lot on the Interstate- which required us to turn around and take another route, wasting a good 90 minutes of drive time in the bargain. So as we pulled into New Hampshire, we watched as two solid (meaning 'unblinking') lights of a sickly orange color and a distinctly nebulous form flew atop a Cessna (probably coming up from Manchester airport). 

I've already discussed this with a couple friends- Mike Clelland said he's been inundated with orange orb reports lately (they've been all over the usual UFO sites too). The plane and the lights were no more than a couple thousand feet off the ground and flying in a tight formation that no air traffic controller would ever allow. 

Detail from my son's video of his 
May sighting- golden/orange orbs?

My daughter said the orange lights broke ranks and went off in different directions when they broke pattern with the plane and flew over the car. Both my wife and daughter said there was a smaller white light bringing up the rear. These things do seem to come in threes. We couldn't determine if the lights were freestanding or part of larger structures. It could go either way, in my estimation.

Seeing as how I was driving and concentrating on the oncoming offramp, I wasn't able to study the objects in as great detail. I did get the sense that the pilot of the Cessna was probably oblivious to his companions, since they were over his head--and under the radar. 

Ball lightning? Earth lights? We were in the Granite State so it's certainly possible. But these lights definitely seemed to be flying under some kind of control, seeing as how they flew so tight (menacingly tight) over the Cessna. We drove back around the next day to see if there were light towers in that location but there were not (plus the altitude was too high).

 Had we not been taken by surprise and not spent so much time trying to figure out what exactly it was we were looking at, (the entire event took about a minute -see noteº) my wife might have been able to get some good photos, but they'd probably look a lot like the photo of the stars she took above there.† 

In other words, they'd change no one's mind.

Strange syncs abounded nonetheless: I was telling my wife about Valis (we were listening to Bowie on the drive up) and there just happened to be a truck (#13, no less) from a company called "Felix" parked outside our hotel all weekend. She booked our hotel in Salem, not knowing Salem plays a pivotal role in the novel I am working on (we usually stay in Manchester). Sleep has been a major issue for me lately so of course we pulled out of the hotel at one point only to find ourselves in back of a guy with the vanity plate "Sandman." 

We did get a picture of that...

We attended a family function on Saturday but found ourselves with nothing to do on Sunday morning, the Summer Solstice. It was also Father's Day so my wife asked me what I wanted to do and I said we should go to "America's Stonehenge", since it's (literally and eerily) right down the road from my mother's house (which is "a few miles" in New Hampshire parlance).

The weather had been threatening- the forecast called for thunderstorms all day but we got some very nice Vancouver-worthy drizzle instead. So we got some raingear and headed over to Mystery Hill, a crucial stop on the Lovecraft Express.

We'd heard a lot of badmouthing about America's Stonehenge but I thought it was fascinating.  I don't think the Brits are losing any sleep over it but aside from its nostalgic Americana value as a classic roadside attraction, the formation has a very deliciously creepy ambiance to it, and the rain and the mist gave it all the feeling of a classic X-Files set (the site is namechecked in a classic second season ep, "Die Hand Die Verletzt").

Adding to the vibe was this Summer Solstice procession, though the vibe was more Wicker Man than Mulder and Scully. The folks at the box office told us that Summer Solstice is normally one of their busiest days of the year, with hundreds of New Age pilgrims showing up to celebrate. Apparently the weather and Father's Day kept the revelers away, which probably doesn't say much about their level of commitment.  The rain was a bonus for us, lending a spooky atmosphere the site would probably lack in cheery sunshine.

And though certainly unintentional, these photos of pagan rites practiced behind barbed wire seemed to be a fitting metaphor of our times. That being said there was a distinct lack of energy to these rituals, a sense of the obligatory.*

 I don't want to sound judgmental but I don't understand why people show up to these things in their street clothes, bringing the associations of the mundane world with them. I would think they would want to separate themselves from their ordinary lives for these rituals, and wear flowing robes and garlands of flowers. I wonder if cosplay and conventions really are the ecstatic paganism of our time, with people really stepping into another reality.

I know there is a lot of overlap with cosplay and paganism. It will be interesting to see how that develops. Maybe you need to step out of any pretense of ordinary life altogether for the magic to really happen. It occurred to me that the really exciting Mystery Hill rituals will probably start as cosplay, as theater, and evolve into something else over time.

All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind as we walked the grounds. Strangely enough, I grew up with a megalithic structure in my backyard- quite literally. My father's old house in Cohasset (where Witches of Eastwick was filmed) had a very Mystery Hill-like stone garden built of the native stone, a wonderland (of more recent vintage, mind) that I spent endless hours on when he'd have custody of us. There were also interesting natural stone structures in the woods behind my mother's house so Mystery Hill felt like coming home in a way. 

I felt like there was a lot of unrealized potential at Mystery Hill. I also wondered if it made itself available after hours for more secretive sects than the local Gaia enthusiasts. The funny thing is that I was originally planning to drive up on Thursday- a producer at the ABC affiliate in Boston wanted to interview me about Aleister Crowley's summer at Hebron and its connection to the Barney and Betty Hill saga

So how else could this all begin except with a rather startling UFO sighting?

UPDATE: New Hampshire has had a lot of UFO reports this year, many orange or golden orbs. Remember that most people don't report their sightings to these agencies.

UPDATE: Interesting news from Stonehenge Prime. A whopping 23,000 revelers show up for Solstice celebrations there.

UPDATE: Mike C sends a remarkably similar story to our sighting that was just posted on Open Minds today. Search for more in your area here.

UPDATE: Eric Wargo revisits the extradimensional hypothesis on The Nightshirt.

UPDATE: The syncs roll on- Time posts a picture today from Salem....Massachusetts.

UPDATE: Another orange orb spotting, this time in England, the day after ours.

º Note: I originally wrote 15 seconds but having timed that out I realized it was probably closer to a minute. It took long enough for us to look closely at what we were seeing- and comment on it- but not long enough for my wife to get her camera ready. I tend to err on the side of conservatism with these things, which isn't necessarily a virtue.

The missus said the sighting lasted "a while, long enough for us to discuss it." She said it lasted "at least a minute" and didn't know why she didn't get her camera out. I know why- because these things have a tendency to mesmerize the viewer.

† I razzed the missus the entire weekend for taking photos of everything and everything but the one time I really needed one... There was a lot of glare from street lights and whatnot so it's unlikely we would've gotten anything definitive to begin with.  Read this post for my experience of the difficulty of photographing unexpected moving objects in the sky. Still, it's bugging me- it was eminently picture-worthy.

*I was reminded of this when my mother showed me a current directory from my old church, a onetime traditional Methodist church that's now part and parcel of the World Council of Churches agenda. I was shocked by how small the congregation now was, a very common story among what was once called the "Mainline" denominations. In contrast, her current church- a hellfire and brimstone Baptist church- has a membership that could fill a small city. I'm not sure that's a healthy social trend.